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Here are some frequently asked questions about IPM.

1. What is IPM?

It is a complete product that connects your financial planning, investment portfolio and balance sheet in to one platform. Integrated Portfolio Management (IPM) system readily allows view of your financial health to your advisor, yourself and any intermediaries.

2. Who can use IPM?

IPM is for everyone who invests in capital markets, fixed deposits, mutual funds, insurance, precious products or those companies who manage their clients' money in various investment assets.

3. How is IPM solution packaged?

IPM software is available in three different versions a) Personal - for individual investors b) Premium - for High Net Worth (HNI) individuals or Brokers / Sub-brokers and c) Advisor - for Corporate users like Investment/Securities Firms, Financial Planner, Investment Advisor etc.

4. We are a small sub-broker of a leading brokerage house - is IPM useful for us?

Yes - in two ways. 1) You can use suitable version of the IPM software depending on what services you want to offer to your clients and 2) You can become an Affiliate or Partner and promote IPM to your retail clients.

5. What is the long term benefit to my brokerage company while using IPM?

By opting for an Advisor version, you essentially manage all (including remote, NRI) clients. It allows you to maintain your complete accounting side by side with your clients' accounting as well. This increases your revenue generating capacity from your clients by offering them premium services such as financial planning, 24x7 online access, automated tools, and accounting for your clients.

6. What exactly do I need to use IPM?

All you need is a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

7. Will I be able to see the demo of IPM before paying for it?

Yes, please review the Features & Screenshots section. Further, at mutual convenience, we can setup the product demo.

8. What are the advantages of a hosted portfolio management software vs. the one that is on an in-house computer?

  •  No software to install, configure or deploy
  •  No hardware or IT personnel investment i.e. lower costs
  •  No hardware maintenance
  •  Simple to use - anyone familiar with a browser or web-based system can use this
  •  24x7 Access - You, your clients, your intermediaries can access from anywhere

9. Can we run IPM on our in-house server?

For Personal and Premium versions, it is normally installed on in-house computer. For Advisor version, both options (hosted and in-house) are available. If IPM Advisor version is installed on your in-house server, the first time it is installed by our technical team.

10. How is IPM different?

It is a product that combines 3 software products in to one i.e. Financial Planning, Complete Accounting and Portfolio Management. IPM simplifies aggregation and visibility of your / your clients' entire investment. Any effects by virtue of financial planning are immediately visible to you and your client. While managing your own branches and intermediaries, you can offer complete control to your worldwide clients on their investments and reduce your resource requirements to manage the same. We group simplicity, accessibility, control and scalability in one product for financial management.

11. Can I import my broker contract notes in to IPM?

Of course. You can import not just your contract notes but also bills in to IPM. As soon as transactions are saved, it also makes necessary entries in to accounting ledgers.

12. Can I import my clients' mutual fund transactions in to IPM?

Yes, your client's MF transaction data supplied by all registrars can be imported in one stroke - again posting of accounting entries occur in parallel.

13. Can I import Bank statements as well?

Yes, you can import your bank statements right in to the IPM and they are posted to respective accounting ledgers.

14. I started using IPM software and I have a lot of existing shares entry, how can IPM help?

Right to begin with, you can also import all your opening shares entries in one stroke in to whatever demat accounts you desire.

15. I am very meticulous about maintaining my accounting entries such as income, expenses, assets,... ? how do I do this
      in IPM?

IPM comes complete with total accounting software. You can have unlimited ledgers to create in your groups/family member/clients and post your entries just like any other accounting software.

16. How is my portfolio updated with changing asset values?

Daily price updates are provided in IPM where BSE/NSE stocks, F&O, AMFI MF NAV, NCDEX Commodity prices are updated and are reflected in all your reports.

17. My Chartered Accountant asks for various investment reports in March for investment planning - Can I have all
      reports ready in IPM?

Absolutely. You need not wait till September or October for your tax filing since whenever your entries are imported or manually entered, your accounts are also automatically maintained. You can print or export all gain/loss, statutory tax paid, balance sheet, profit & loss, trial balance, journal ledger, cash, bank reports ANYTIME of the year.

18. Are there any IT requirements to setup IPM?

To set up on your server, all you will need to have is MS SQL server (2000, 2005, 2008,...).

19. Are there any requirements to deploy / implement IPM Advisor version?

Setup your branches, your sub-brokers, your relationship managers, your client groups and respective family members. Start using the software.

20. I am a Financial Planner / Investment Advisor with local clients, how can I/we work with your company to promote IPM?

Please choose an appropriate Affiliate or Partner program and send your details. We will respond to your interest within 24 hours.

21. What IPM product support do you provide?

All maintenance-paid customers can email to We normally answer support queries within 24 hours or earlier.

22. How do I provide product feedback?

If you want to suggest an idea, have a feature request or a question to ask, follow the respective links. Any general feedback, you can send to

23. Can you export reports from IPM?

Yes, All portfolio reports, accounting reports, financial planning reports or any other kind can be exported to 8 different formats (PDF, Excel, Word and its variants, RTF, RPT, XML).

24. Can I allow users to enter their investments held with other investment companies?

Yes, the client would be able to enter any investment transactions regardless of its purchase through any investment companies. This allows a representing complete portfolio of the client group investments.

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