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Comprehensive Document Drill Down

The documents or resources when they became important part of your warehouse had something to contribute to your Document Management initiative. For successful use of information, right context and on-demand drilling of information is necessary.

Business value of well organized information (documents, client communications, social interactions, project conclusions, customer satisfaction surveys, and more) is enormous. User experience is of prime importance ... therefore ETERNAL provides three different ways to locate information -

  •    Document View - Complete structural view for locating the right information
  •    Domain View - Categorical display of information
  •    Client View - Locate information by virtue of your clients' association

Many a times, you may want to know which department or the client or the user was behind the document or resource creation within your company. By allowing you to slice and dice the information, viewing them becomes a lot easier when you have it available at a central location.

Meticulous organization of documents keeps you prepared and ready for any government or business compliance at any time.

For example, Manufacturing firms, Mutual Fund distributors, Financial Institutions, or Law firms can peacefully manage any volume of their clients' documents and their updates with full benefit of ETERNAL's Automated Document Management capability.

Find needed information from warehouse anyway you need it.

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  •  View document any way you want
  •  Organize information as per your display convenience
  •  Securely update documents and access all versions on single page