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Whether you invest in shares from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or National Stock Exchange (NSE), a list of nearly 3000 stocks master is readily available with ticker symbols and NSE symbol with sector classification. You can add more stocks as necessary. IPM allows import of stocks transaction as well as manual entries along with daily price updates.

All market transactions whether IPO, secondary, or off-market, entries are considered with its due tax treatment as well as auto-accounting effect.

You can manage your multiple demat accounts and handle inter or intra account transfers with proper tax and accounting treatment as per Indian Income tax rules. AIMR standard reports allow users to get a complete picture through many reports.

Manage shares investment (BSE / NSE). Gain/loss with indexation.

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Stocks Features

  •  BSE/NSE stocks master list
  •  Daily price update
  •  Manual vs. import of entries
  •  Unlimited demats
  •  Auto-accounting
  •  Multitude of decision making reports
  •  Inter-account or intra-account transfer
  •  FIFO order tax treatment
  •  IPO / secondary market / off market shares entry
  •  Fractional entitlement - auto adjustment
  •  Auto effect of corporate announcement
  •  Physical to demat conversion
  •  Dividend entries