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The following processes are used for any software project at eSoftCircle with provision for flexibility to adopt any customer-specific situations. We are highly skilled at incorporating changing requirements to tailor our project processes.

For Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations, various steps of processes are derived based on the services being outsourced and client service level expectations. Learning from software development and other process-critical projects are incorporated to arrive at mature processes that provide desired outcome with highest quality.

Needs Analysis

With strategic focus on any development project, we consider customer?s long-term interest in product or services received. Detailed analysis of new or anticipated system is carried out prior to any project undertaking and is thoroughly documented.

Requirement Specification and Design

Any project is initiated by appointing a Business Analyst who meets with the client to clearly define all requirements as well as to clarify any ambiguity in the requirements stated by the client.

By carefully evaluating a project's scope, size, and objectives, we often avoid problems well before they arise. The requirement specifications are documented and are approved by the customer. The detailed functional and design specifications completely describe the design of the project.

Documentation / Review

All phases of project are documented and inspected for any corrections. The reviews are conducted for each phase of project execution by designers and independent members.


All project testing is documented and a Quality Assurance team carries out Unit test, System test and Acceptance Test. Baselines are set for each phase. Verification activities are performed to ensure that final outcome represents expected software quality.

Software Defect Management System is used to ensure that all defects are reported, traced and fixed. Available data from Defect Management System is used as a basis for continuous process improvement.

Project Management

The Project Manager prepares the detailed Project Plan including phases, milestones and the related work breakdown tasks. It also includes the

  • Configuration Management Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Contingency Plan

The project is structured so that efficient use of resources is considered to adhere to committed schedules and deliverables. Regular status meetings are established, including regular (weekly/monthly) status reporting to the client.

The Project Manager monitors the performance and productivity of the project team, and carries out quality reviews, audit trails, on-course corrections and security measures.

We use various project management tools to organize and automate above tasks.