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IT Solutions, Software Development / Application Services
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IT Solutions

Product Development | Application Services | Knowledge Services

Product Development

In addition to developing its own products, eSoftCircle has helped organizations worldwide in developing products for them.

eSoftCircle provides software product development services with any combination of onsite and off-premise services using advanced technology. This model allows a firm to manage both cost and performance. Information technology (IT) services are not just about using technology but rather leveraging the power of information for business excellence.

Typically, software development projects are based on client specifications and are carried out using advanced project management and quality processes with thorough documentation for every project. Significant portion of any project contains close inspection and thorough review and feedback to track various metrics for continuous improvement. With advancement in technology, the companies utilizing our services derive many benefits.

Technology goes through a cycle of invention, upgrade, and obsolescence. Against such odds, the use of eSoftCircle software services ensures the necessary investment protection.

With very high dedication to the quality, the outcome of IT projects are predictable and pass through rigorous documented review cycles. These advantages are above and beyond the benefit of immediate access to the specialized skills.

Client Engagement Snapshot

Client Product Development processes managed Benefits
Dutch Printing Major Product specifications, Product design, Development, Joint review, Testing
  • Extended team with difficult-to-source technical expertise
  • Enhanced ability to integrate multiple products
  Market research, recommendation, execution
  • Benchmarking
  • Product integration

Application Services

eSoftCircle provides IT application development services using technology choice of customer. Many times, the need for application services originate from customer looking to solve a specific problem rather than leveraging the power of IT for business. Such requirements demand that the team is equipped with necessary domain and functional knowledge to help the customer.

eSoftCircle has developed many applications for various industries such as Automation, Finance, Capital markets, Automotive, Manufacturing etc.

Client Engagement Snapshot

Client Application services managed Benefits
Automation Company Concept development, Application design, Development, application deployment, Testing
  • Complete outsourcing
  • Increased distribution capability
  • Enhanced customer service
Financial Product Distributor Application design and development, product Integration, back-office support, maintenance
  • Domain expertise with technology support
  • Reduced cost of customer servicing

Knowledge Services

Many corporations inherently depend on high level of expertise in their own domains. For example, Pharmaceutical industry depends on high R&D of drug formulations. These industries are constantly looking for resources due to perpetual need for new knowledge, high attrition rates, retraining requirements and an absence of knowledge retention mechanism. All these combined result in a high cost of operations and reduced competitiveness.

The knowledge services under its fold cover consulting, knowledge training and technology supported services to achieve customer objectives. These services are designed to help all industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, consulting, finance, utility, manufacturing and more which heavily function based on accrued knowledge. eSoftCircle helps in delivering such knowledge based services, making necessary technology available for use at appropriate future time frame when needed. Various combinations are considered such as training, technology deployment and strategy development for successful results.

Client Engagement Snapshot

Client Knowledge services managed Benefits
Utility Major Concept and content development, Training program, design, development and delivery
  • Human resource transformation
  • HR value enhancement
  • Reduced attrition risk