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TAX Portal
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Tax Preparation

Independently owned, eSoftCircle Pvt. Ltd., with its US educated and experienced management team provides tax preparation outsourcing and software solutions services. eSoftCircle's pioneering Tax Portal initiative was undertaken completely independently and was created in-house.

eSoftCircle is India's FIRST company to have launched in December 2002 a secure and comprehensive tax portal that offers totally managed services for US CPA firms in providing US tax preparation services. It was a result of its senior management's EXTENSIVE and PARTICIPATIVE experience in US tax laws for over 18 years including experience of filing of paper and electronic returns for many years commonly not found with other outsourcing vendors.

This initiative is designed to address tax preparation (seasonal or otherwise), and accounting services of US CPA firms. It is a strategic growth opportunity for CPA and professional accounting firms.

The Tax Portal addresses and fulfills the needs of organizing, preparing and monitoring US tax returns. Our Tax Preparation services have offered the following very important benefits to CPAs:

Productivity - Our track record has been to provide at-par or above level of productivity compared to US counterpart. Our tax professionals with minimum Master's level education and/or chartered accountants along with significant tax and accounting experience and continuous training on US tax laws produce peerless results.

Capability - Because of mature processes, continuous training, and extensive experience, our tax professionals are highly skilled in processing complex and sophisticated tax returns. Our unmatched capability provides a very positive experience for CPAs.

Scalability - The advantage to CPA firms in terms of handling on-demand tax return volume is instantaneous and unprecedented while using eSoftCircle tax preparation services. The Tax portal is designed to process unlimited number of returns from any number of CPA clients.

Security - eSoftCircle is among only handful of companies which is certified for both BS 7799 - information security management and ISO 9001 - quality management. With data, network, and physical security in place, the various security features include confidential non-disclosure agreements, data encryption, 128-bit SSL secured data transmission, user authentication and role based authorization, etc.

Training - At eSoftCircle, various standards and procedures define the basis of training for tax return preparation. We provide onsite, comprehensive, and hands-on training on US Tax laws, its changes, various tax softwares and other necessary software. The duration of training depends on the position to reach required level of maturity.

Tax Compliance and Research - Beyond simply the domain expertise, the CPA firms coming for tax preparation services receive find unmatched services in terms of Tax Compliance and Tax Research from eSoftCircle. The benefits are most revealing and comforting to even CPAs who are practicing for many years and are far beyond any comprehension.

Our capabilities are unique, unmatched and peerless.

THE BOTTOM LINE - CPA firms and Professional Accounting Organizations gain seamless, very positive, and satisfied experience with us.


Client Engagement Snapshot

Client Taxation services managed Benefits
Professional CPA Organization US tax return preparation, Review, Financial reporting
  • Great cost savings of up to 50%
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Efficient addressing to seasonal staffing needs
US Multi-partner CPA firm US tax return preparation, Tax research and evaluation
  • Manage variable and seasonal workload
  • Extended office with Domain expertise