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  Success Stories


Developing products for a Hi-tech European Firm

  Industry      Printing  

  Client Size   Euro 200m  

This is about a well established name in Europe on hi-tech and high precision printing industry products. Their team had burnt many months of specification efforts without any help on difficult-to-source technical experts.

We quickly analyzed the specifications. Proposed client in completing legal draft requirements and gained full trust on development cycle with complete non-disclosure. Lined up well qualified team and additionally trained on further client requirements. Supported customer requirement of their on-site engineer on development. This in its true sense became a cross-continental team product development effort. Successfully executed the client product development work in time, on budget and in full compliance to their requirements.

What's more? Having seen successful product coming out of the first engagement, the satisfied client offered to develop another product for them immediately. The second product was similarly developed with success.

Types of Global Businesses that use eSoftCircle Products and Services

  • Financial planners
  • IT Solutions / Software Development
  • Investment Firms
  • Real Estate companies
  • Financial Services / MF-Insurance Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Automation
  • Stock exchange brokers
  • CPA firms
  • Utility
  • Automotive

Working with a Financial Product Distributor

  Industry      Financial Products & Services  

  Client Size   USD 100m  

A major mutual fund and insurance distributor wanted an online platform with complete financial planning and investment management for their global clients.

eSoftCircle determined the client need to move online for improved customer service and reduced cost at the same time. We mapped out a complete solution with financial portal and back-end support product for investment management and financial planning for their high-end clients.

The client realized great benefits from the online portal on providing various downloadable forms, product instructions, news updates, information on best funds to buy on 28 different sector fund investment, various calculators, and most importantly eSoftCircle's branded portfolio management software complete with financial planning, portfolio management and accounting accessible online to all their clients. Greatly accepted by their clients to receive efficient and online financial services.

What's more? After experiencing successful IT solution deployment and client servicing, the client completely outsourced their IT function to eSoftCircle to cover product support and maintenance, online service, and IT infrastructure management.

Best Value Accounting Services

  Industry      Real Estate Development  

  Client Size   USD 400m  

A US real estate housing urban development (HUD) company needed to manage complete accounting for multi-unit multi-location housing properties as per US federal law and regulations.

eSoftCircle quickly organized a dedicated accounting team and well trained the team on GL accounting, payment processing, banking transactions and reconciliation, trust management, and cash management with respect to housing property management. Cohesively worked with US CPA and accounting staff on smooth transition. We recommended various short-term and long-term operational and process improvements to the client. eSoftCircle team carried out monthly financial analysis on trustee transactions involving bonds, revenue, and rent management.

What's more? With encouraging results of the ongoing engagement, the client doubled the number of properties for accounting outsourcing after six months of positive performance. Accounting operations of these additional properties were similarly carried out successfully.

Addressing seasonal staffing & increasing client base

  Industry      Tax, Audit & Accounting  

  Client Size   Mid-size CPA firm  

The client is a mid-size CPA firm providing professional tax, audit and accounting services in US. The client was looking for bottom line savings along with dependable time-critical tax preparation work force.

The client approached eSoftCircle to test the off-premise solution. eSoftCircle team offered its tax preparation services with complete workflow monitoring, at-par or above productivity and quality thus achieving all client objectives. The client experienced first hand very high level of domain expertise and responsive services at different cost level. By using eSoftCircle services, the client was successfully able to handle and complete the demanding tax season workload. The client benefited from completely managed workflow and seamless services resulting into a very positive experience.

What's more? After serving one tax season to the client, the client tripled the work volume compared to previous year in addition to outsourcing accounting work.